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  • When I said I LOVE you... I didn't just fall in Love with You.

I fell in Love with how you saw the world.

I fell in Love with your strength to take on risks.

I fell in Love with your humility when you were around people.

I fell in Love with your calmness in situations I would be stressed.

I fell in Love with the way you relished food without guilt.

I fell in Love with your individuality that stood out in the crowd.

I fell in Love with the actions you took to make your dreams come true.

I fell in Love with your kind eyes buried in that handsome face.
I fell in Love with the fact that you Love dogs as much as I do (smile)
I fell in Love with your effortless way to shine.

I fell in Love with your passion that drove me wild.

I fell in Love with your stories of the past and dreams of the future.

I fell in Love with the pain and joy that came with you.

I fell in Love with you exclusively

And I knew I was home.

#love #makememories #glt #trekking #forest #trails #nature #writersofinstagram #travel #trees #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #summer
  • Now, this moment .. I own it
I call it my own.
Because here, today, I am present 
I can feel it... my heart beat 
Along with my breath..
It makes me complete 
I feel whole. I have me.. My confidence, my smile.
My heart and my feet..
My eyes twinkle, my voice is melody 
My thoughts are with me
My wisdom flows within
My strength was tested
The result was flawless.

I'll let you in on a secret 
You brought out the best in me.. :) #writersofinstagram #life #travel #positivevibes #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #hike #journey #summer #strongwomen #mountains #sky #glt #makememories
  • This is to all our dreams and us. 
Our dream of living in the mountain, in uncomplicatedness.
Our dream of waking up next to each other, at daybreak.
Our dream of coming home to celebrate, at twilight
Our dream of having children and messing up in synchronization. 
Our dream to go further than just early morning walks.
Our dream to have the silent eye conversation amidst the crowd.
Our dream to fine-tune life beyond likes and followers.
Our dream to support each other more than texts and lyrics. 
Our dream was to go places.
Our dream was to pitch tents under starry skies.
Our dream was to have conversations and fights.
Our dream was to make up with kiss and wine. 
Our dream was to make it come true.
Our dream was to sail through.
Our dream was to not find anyone new.
Our dream was us, just me and you.

#yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #redwoods #sequoianationalpark #nature #inthewoods #onedayatatime #positivethinking #positivevibes #travel #life #writersofinstagram
  • At the end of the day:

Feet should be dirty 
Hair should be messy 
Eyes should be sparking
Heart should be full
Lips should be smiling 
Arms should be tired 
Mind should be delighted 
Stomach should be hungry 
Palms should be sweaty 
Dreams should be lived..
Plans should be ticked 
Hopes should be lifted
Joys should be shared
Stories should be written
Body should be owned..
Kisses should be mandatory .. #writersofinstagram #usa #alaska #mountains #experience #travel #canon #life #telepathygamestrong #positivevibes #positivethinking #onedayatatime 💃🏻 #denali
  • I always thought I was independent, since I moved out of home before I could tie my shoelace. After living in cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi & Mumbai I was ready for the world; not aware that it was just a slice of the planet. 
America has pushed me to a different level of being independent and free.
Being self- dependable is an art in itself.
Being able to cook, work, pay bills, house hunt, drive and prevent self from getting ill are just a few of them.

To fit in is not easy. To network is a talent.
To make friends requires an open mind.
To understand the culture is surfacing, because it is nothing like what you see on TV.
To be liked, wanted or be a part of the community is required for growth.  There are days I go without a friendly hug or conversation,
But there are days I see snowfall & leaves changing colors.
There are days I crave the spicy street food I grew up on,
But there are days I get the sweetest berries & freshest celery to munch on.
There are days I miss familiar faces, chaos and traffic jams.
But there are days where calmness heals and stillness redeems.  I've lost friends (blame the distance)
I've lost Love (blame the time)
I've lost weight too.. haahaa .. But what I have gained is beyond comparison.
It will take you 5 times the effort to break me
And just a lifetime to get to know me..
#writersofinstagram #stories #mountains #travel #alaska #viewfromthetop #summer #mountainlife #snow @travelalaska #denali #experience #usa #america 💃🏻✈️🏔 #lake
  • Currently I live in a place where there are no mountains but lots of snow , pine trees , apple berries , freezing temperatures and bone chilling wind, which makes me feel I am almost in the Alps or Himalayas, as I sit by the fireplace reading, writing or singing songs to feed my soul :) This pic was taken while flying over the Alaska range, at Denali National Park.
#alaska #denali #mountains #summer #stories #holiday #travel @travelalaska #writersofinstagram #snow

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