Samantha Singhi

About Me

I am just like you with a mind full of ideas and designing my own dream to make a difference in the real world. I believe that the mind is the best tool we have to bring out the finest in ourselves.

I was born and raised in India and after spending 12 years in a boarding school, travelled across the country for further education, jobs, and sightseeing. I learnt to tie my shoelaces, braid my own hair and bounce back to being happy at the very tender age of 5. I understood failures and obstacles will come my way but I have to tackle them with a sharp mind and smiling face. Today, that is my strength and I know it can be yours too.

image1-4I belong to the generation that has not seen war, famine or a revolution that caused untimely death or dismaying long lasting effect on generations of manhood and nature but I have witnessed The Great Depression. The depression that has spread like a new disease and the stressful lifestyle that has led to more people taking their own lives than a famine would. People are hungry, hungry for Happiness, hungry for positivity, hungry for smiles and I am here to share my bread of Positive Psychology.I have listened, observed and understood. I have heard small cries of help, I have observed people staring in space, I have understood the speech of silence. They were family, friends, and strangers. They needed positivity, encouragement and kindness and that is how it all began.My love for Psychology blossomed and I continue to grow.

How did I become a Positive Psychology Coach?
After I completed my Masters in Psychology in 2010 from Bangalore University, India, I specialized in Counseling. Since then I have counseled around 100 adolescents (Group sessions and one to one) with their growing up and peer-pressure issues. I have also worked with special children and their parents to show how positive emotions and reinforcement can help bring about a beautiful change. But I came across hurdles. Psychology was still a new subject in India and it was difficult to convince Parents. I then switched career to become an HR in a corporate where I did use my psycho-analysis skill to hire the right fit for an organization and it was working great until another turning point changed it all.
In 2013, I moved to the US and life once again presented itself as an opportunity. I had to start from the very beginning. The initial few days I was scared, confused, lost, as everything around me seemed different. However, I learnt quickly that this country is a great place for anyone willing to work hard and it was the right time to apply what I learnt at the age of 5: Resilience.
I bounced back. Over the years, I had built resilience like my muscle and learnt to convert stress to challenges. I am sharing these details with you because I know each one of you has the power to be resilient and increase the positivity ratio.
I recently completed my course in Positive Psychology authorized by the University of North Carolina and hence I am now a certified Positive Psychology Coach. It is an achievement I am very proud of. I have studied positive emotions and how these tiny engines can make us healthier and happier if we take the time to cultivate and drive them and that is what I am here to help you do.
You will find more of my learning on my Blog.
I understand how does it feel to be stressed with work, home, money, and competition. There are 10 Positive emotions in all of us and we can master each emotion, which will, in turn, lead to another positive emotion, and it is called the ripple effect.
Positive emotions can make you feel good today, tomorrow and in the future.
Positive emotions can reduce the physiological “damage” on the cardiovascular system sustained by the negative emotions!!!
I am here to help you discover the treasure of these amazing emotions from within yourself because we are all a blend of Positives and Negative emotions.