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  • For those of you who need this reminder today :

It is okay to be at a place of struggle. 
Struggle is just another word for growth. 
Even the most evolved beings find themselves in a place of struggle. 
In fact, struggle is a sure sign to them that they are expanding; it is their indication of real and important progress. 
The only one who doesn't struggle is the one who doesn't grow. 
So if you are struggling right now, see it as a terrific sign- and celebrate your struggle! 
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  • Your state of mind has a direct impact on the state of your health. 
If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed you may weaken your immune system and become more susceptible to colds and so on. 
Your state of mind also affects what happens to you in the world. 
If you don't take care of yourself spiritually and emotionally you may miss out on opportunities or draw negative energy into your life, which has an impact on how your life goes. 
Make a vow to yourself now to continue this year in a nurtured state of mind, and you'll be surprised by how much better life gets..
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  • Positive one liners: ⏺Have a firm handshake.
▶️Look people in the eye.
🎶Sing in the shower.
▶️Own a great stereo system. 🔸Keep secrets.
🔹Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday.
🔸Always accept an outstretched hand.
👉🏼Be brave. Even if you're not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference.
▪️Whistle. 💟Choose your life's mate carefully. From this one decision will come 90 per cent of all your happiness or misery. ☮️Make it a habit to do nice things for people who will never find out. ✅Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all that they have.
🚺When playing games with children, let them win.
🌹Give people a second chance, always.
Be romantic.
😀Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.

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  • Thank god for cities.
Helping us disappear and swallowing the longing to be with loved ones while surrounding us with faces and frowns.
And here we are again.
Hoping one face will smile or one pair of eyes will understand that you need a hug.
One arm will hold yours tight while you walk and the footsteps will match yours.
Opportunities coming my way but silently taking me away from familiarity.
Thank god for cities.
Helping us grow faster and independently only to realize that you will be replaced but the heartaches will stay.
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  • When you plan a road trip and you get lost because of a detour or a malfunctioning GPS, it can be frustrating. 
While you may be bothered by the waste of time or the aggravation of sitting in traffic longer than expected, you will eventually reach your destination. 
You may be frustrated and stressed now, because you lost your way en route to a goal. Something went wrong, there was a delay, or you were confused about how to get there. 
Despite all that, YOU WILL GET THERE..
Keep that in mind and enjoy the journey now..
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  • Break ups are painful. 
You go into a relationship, however big or small, filled with hope and that amazing feeling of bliss. 
Like you’re walking on air. 
Like you have stars in your eyes.

Sure, most of us carry in some healthy skepticism as well, but it’s hard not to get drunk off of those amazing feelings of desire, imagining possibilities, connectedness, etc.

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